空姐的日記「Taipei befriend the world」

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the Capital of Taiwan, Taipei. When leaving the aircraft, please do not forget your personal belonging, and ready your passport, disembarkation card, and boarding pass for customs.



On the path of life, opportunities wait for no one. There will always be unexpected opportunities that appear out of nowhere, waiting for you to take a leap of faith. Zoe stated that she never thought on becoming a flight attendant, but when she was unable to attend graduate school, she had the privilege to travel the world, which ultimately lead to this decision. And because of this, we have the opportunity to get to know the wonders of the world through her eyes.

Taipei Connect the World


去年(2018)離開空服員至今,在這段日子裡看到許多人許多事,也讓Zoe接觸很多不一樣的新體驗,不論是電視劇、商業接案或者現在的晨間廣播節目,這些新體驗或許可以讓大家重新認識這位好奇、大膽,但有時卻天真不知危險邊緣在哪的傻妹子 - Zoe 王小凡!!

Since leaving the airline company in 2018, Zoe dabbled in different fields of professions, becoming an actress and anchorwoman. Let us introduce the one and only, the curious, the bold, and the naïve dare devil Zoe 王 (Wang)!! 

Taipei Thrust the World


口述 | 王小凡  文字編輯 | 鄂本庫柏


When I was still a flight attendant, people often ask me, 

 “What is Taipei like?” 

And I would always tell them, “The convenience of course!” 

I would explain that in Taipei, convenient stores are all within ten-minute walking distance from everything, popular tourist attractions all have free Wi-Fi, and Taipei subways are clean and well constructed. The attention to details that Taipei has is something that other cities that I have visited lack. This is probably one of the many reasons that visitors who visited to Taipei would be more than happy to recommend their friends to visit Taipei as well. 




Other than convenience, the culture of art and creativity in Taipei is definitely something worth checking out. In the 1920s, when Taiwan was still under Japan rule, many historical monuments were created. But due to exposure to humidity, earthquake, and decay, not many of these sites remained. The ones that did remain however, such as Taipei Brewery (now Huashan 1914), Songshan Tobacco Company (now Songshan Cultural and Creative Park), Ximen Red House, etc., are all part of the cultural phenomenon that is taking place in Taipei, as well as popular tourists attractions. 












Like many people, I am very much attracted to the rich culture and history that European countries have to offer. As the capital of Taiwan, the surface area of Taipei is 271.8 square feet (about 1/4 Hong Kong), and the population of Taipei is 2.66 million (2018) with the highest population density in Taiwan. Due to urbanization, Taipei has lost many of its heritage and charm throughout the years. If we do not start to pay attention to the few historical relics that are left, I believe that Taipei will soon become a soulless and empty shell, and the reasons that once attracted visitors to come to Taipei will be no more.







If you are from Taipei, how do you introduce our city to your friends from outside of Taiwan? Personally, I think artistic environment that Taipei has to offer, letting artists explore without boundaries and tourists explore the city freely, is something that cannot and should be overlooked. Out of all the cities and countries I have ever traveled to, Taipei will always be one that stays true in my heart.


Taipei be friend the world








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